Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It's coming closer, day by day, minute by minute. The day everyone (at least the girls) wait for since grade 6! Grade eight graduation. Probably every girl by now has there dressed picked out with shoes and everything, spa treatments booked and everything! I know the guys don't really care about what they wear and stuff, but to girls its a big deal, it's like a mini prom to us.
The day is only a little while away and the girls already can't wait to slip into their dresses, and get all glamed, and hit the salon with the girls.

Now to talk serious. The dress. The dress for grad has to be semi formal, no one want to be the one at the dress with the long puffy pink dress at grad. Now there are lots of kinds of dresses:
- strapless
- one strap
- spaghetti strap
- short sleeved
- and crew neck-thick strap
Now see for grad the common dress length is from mid thigh to the knee. The dress color really doesn't matter, there are all sorts of colors for dresses.

Now dates, I think that dates are kinda pointless for grad because when you have a date you have to stick with he person the whole night, wouldn't you want to dance with other people because it is your last night together.
I will personally go with my friends, just to hangout and have fun, not stick to one person the hole night.

The last thing about grad is to just remember to have fun, let it loose, This may be the last night everyone is together. Don't start no drama that night, have a laugh and remember memories.
It's coming soon,are you ready to have fun! :P

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

School Days

I never noticed how fast this year has passed until last night. I was on Facebook and there was a group someone became a fan of saying how fast 2010 is flying by, then I looked at the calender and noticed that there is around 28 more days left of school. I know this is corny, but i actually do remember like it was yesterday that it was the first day of school. I couldn't believe that school was almost over, it was flying before my eyes, and I didn't even have time to stop and smell the roses. By that I mean next year we're going to upper school, it's our last time here, and I wanted it to go by really fast, I never really had time to just enjoy middle school.

Then I noticed that these 28 days are gonna fly by even faster. Tomorrows will fly by because of the excitement of spring fling. Then Friday day will fly by because Fridays always do. After that it's review week which all we do is study, then exams start and after exams pretty much there are party's and desk clean up and school trips then BAM prize day, an hour ceremony that flies by then schools over. Like actually over. Who knows who's coming back next year.

The scariest part is that next year we are going to high school. It's not that bad until you think about it. Sure you'll get more freedom but there is more homework, tests and exams.
Tomorrow another day will past and soon before you know it school will be over, and it will be summer time.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

You Know you Love it!

You're walking down the street feeling happy. Feeling proud of what you have in those bags your holding in you hand with confidence. In those bags you have things that you like, things that are cute, and flattering, clothes! How did you get those clothes by going shopping! This simple word can get you what you want, but it can drain you out of all your money! It can be a curse or it can be a hobby. Shopping, you want to go everyday, you want to be a millionaire because of it, it's something you want to do with friends. When you go shopping you can get clothes! Clothes are like a girls best friend, when you wear a new outfit you feel confident. That's what shopping does, it makes you feel prettier when you buy the clothes and put them on.

Shopping can drain your money, you can save your money all you want for something put one window shopping trip and make that money disappear right out of your wallet. Every time I go shopping I use the same excuse when my mom asks me where my money is: "I went to the mall and when I came back my money is gone and magically shopping bags appear in my hands!" She never falls for it go figure!

But wait ladies and gents! There is another way to shop since our technology is so developed these days. When there are those days when you to tired to go to the mall or you can't get a ride there is online shopping!! Yes our technology has come so far that we can buy clothes online! Just with a click of your mouse you can have a new wardrobe.

Everybody loves shopping! It's a passion for some people, a hobby for someone else or maybe even a cures to some people. But nobody ever hates the feeling of how pretty you look in your new outfit.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Are you Addicted?

So you're bored what do you do? That question runs through your mind over and over again. So you grab out your computer, your messing around with the keys. What should you do, play games? Watch movies? Go on Youtube? No.You already know the answer, but you don't want to be one of those people who are addicted to it. You can't wait any longer, you get sucked into the thought of socializing. Your hands start to type the word in the web address bar "www." they website bar already knows you and Facebook pops up before you even type it. Facebook, if you don't know what it is then you've just been living under a rock for the past years. This site is the reason people make-up excuses for why they didn't finish their homework, or why they forgot to clean their room. "Hi my name is Bianca". "Hi Bianca". "And I am a Facebook addict".

Right know you're probably saying in your "no, I'm not addicted!". Liar! If you have Facebook, then you automatically get addicted! Some of you are the truthful ones and just agree that you are addicted! If you guys are saying that you have friends that aren't addicted to Facebook, here's a simple question: do they actually go on...a lot?! Those people are probably the ones who get Facebook because everyone told them they should go on it once and later on they forget there password, or they find it boring over one use, and they don't even get the experience of the power to socialize on the computer. I admit I am addicted, I'm on it Right know while I'm typing actually. See when I come home I can't wait to check if anyone commented on my pictures or if someone wrote my wall. It's how I stay connected, when I meet someone instead of do you have MSN I say do you have Facebook.

No one knows why we're addicted to it. It's just a website right? No to us it's something more, it's well an all-in-one page. You can play games. do quizzes, chat, upload photo's, reconnect with people, become a fan of pages that are just funny, get the word out about something, well the list can go on. It's a place where you can be you. I know your parents discourage you and say "why are you on there updating status, no one care what you do! " Well they are wrong people do care that's why they have Facebook that's why they comment and 'like' stuff! It's a real confident booster when you come home and you have notifications saying that people 'like' your status or they commented on a picture or someone wants to be you friend.

Don't worry everyone is addicted to Facebook. It's a place for us to hangout without leaving the house. They should really unblock the site from our school, because we are only young once and with school there is no time to socialize as much, we need to balance everything. Don't worry if you are severely addicted I'm sure they have help or classes for this.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Strut it girl!

Slipping you feet into those 3 inch heels. Looking down that long stage telling yourself not to trip. The sound of the beat of the music while strutting your all on the runway. Trying to no screw up because of the rush of excitement of everyone watching you. Then the enjoyment of hearing the people clapping and cheering at what you just did. That is modelling. the 9 letter word that I love!

I have been modelling since I was ten. I haven't done anything big yet! But I will, it's my goal in my life. Lots of people think that modelling is superficial or that it's only for skinny and pretty people. I always hated how people thought that modelling is like that. It is for all shapes and sizes they don't care if you pretty or skinny they care about your inner beauty. That's what magazines are looking for these days. My sister always joked on what models ate like 'one cheese cube per day' but it's not like that. I do agree that some models take it over the top, but lots of models love McDonald's!

Modelling has changed the way I feel about my self I feel more confident, and when I have a stressful day I love to just strut on the runway with friends. When I grow up I want to be a famous model that does stuff for famous designers. I want to be in the famous Victoria Secret fashion show. I want to be like Heidi Clum or Bianca Balti. I want my career to be something I love doing and this is definitely it. After I graduate from Gemini Modelling school I am planning on getting an agent, and to start my dream.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Game shows

The game show I would want to be on would probably be Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. See in this game show you can win a million dollars. The name says it all, "who wants to be millionaire?", "me, me, me". For this game show you have to be smart, so before I would go on this game show I would study everything like crazy so I would have a higher chance of winning :).

The reason why I would want to be on this game show is because I have a chance to win money, which I'm in dire need of (for shopping :P). I would also like to be on this game show because everybody watches it! You would be know all over the world. Also I would study for this thing, so I would become smarter! This game show is all about the smarts, and you never i could win just like from the movie Slum-dog Millionaire.

You get three 'helps' during the game, 'call a friend', '50/50', and 'ask the audience'. Probably for the 'call a friend' I would call my dad or my sister because they are the smartest in the family. They would definitely know the answer. I would use the '50/50' until I got to a very important question like the million dollar once. I think that the '50/50' one is the most helpful to me because it eliminates have the wrong questions and from there on you go with our gut. The 'ask the audience one I would choose probably second and I would choose the person who looks most smart, if you know what I'm saying. The one with the smart clothes, who sits up straight, glasses excreta.

This would be the game show for show, it's not like the other game shows that hardly get viewed or you have a 1/1'000'000 chance of winning. This game you can at least go home with a couple thousand dollars in you pocket.